JMPA outline

Japan Magazine Publishers Association (JMPA) consists of 95 publishing companies (as of January 2012) and administrates more than 40 committees such as board of directors, distribution, advertisement, production circumstance, digital implementation, business management, international matter, and so on.

Japan is one of the magazine superpower in the world and there are over 3,600 of magazines with over 100 categories in the market. Japanese magazine has a feature of abundant categories. There are weekly magazines or general magazines whose main topics are speech, press and news. On the other hand, there are many specialized magazines about life, fashion, gossip, sports, economy, MANGA, or PC and they are published by each publisher.

JMPA is the only organization for magazine publishing companies in Japan. Over 80% of magazines circulation and sales in this country assumes JMPA’s member companies. Magazine in Japan means a continuous publication and has a lot of relationship with printing companies, bookmaker, distribution and sakes companies, book stores, and CVS. All of these elements together make a unique cultural publishing industry.

In today’s evolving digital network society, JMPA held “The First Asia-Pacific Digital Magazine Media Conference” in November 2008 in cooperation with FIPP Worldwide Magazine Media Association. The digital promotion committee has founded at the conference and has been working for practical realization of digital magazine.

The aim and role of JMPA are to progress and promote of culture through publishing enterprise, to contribute societal development, to ensure a free press and expression, and to help a sound development of magazine publication.

Japan Magazine Publishers Association
Address: 1-7 Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda, Tokyo, 101-0062, Japan